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Urban Gourmet began 32 years ago; our attachment to great, fine ingredients was more than a business or a love for delectable food. It was to awaken a generation of food lovers to a unique and memorable experience using high-quality and authentic ingredients. In those 32 years, we have sold the most exquisite salts, spices, coffee, award-winning rubs, oils, and kinds of vinegar. To bring our senses to a place of deep appreciation, our products are sourced from the highest and lowest places worldwide.


Choosing a coffee is not just selecting beans … is choosing a company, a family, a history. Urban Gourmet is the perfect choice for those who want to stand out and pass on a story made of love and tradition, through a cup of coffee.
With 32 years of blending Coffee and working with the 2nd largest Coffee blender in Italy, we have collected over 130 years of experience. We are a company of people and Chefs, and we formalize all blends to ensure a perfect brew! Additionally, we create Coffee Advent Calendars for our Coffee Lovers, Various shapes and sizes are available.


We have built a solid wholesale brand by partnering with business, restaurants, professionals chefs, and kitchens to deliver Exceptionally brilliant gourmet products on demand globally.
We believe in doing things differently. Food is the core of our culture! After many years in the industry, we are proud to be able to share our knowledge and expertise. The goal is always to inspire better, stronger and tastier menus as well as better profitability for you. We work with restaurants, wholesalers, manufacturers , caterers. You name it! If you want to talk Fresh Quality Ingredients, please contact us!


Looking for a trusted private-label gourmet food supplier? Let us help you achieve that dream.
At Urban Gourmet, we believe we can make a difference and our products and years of success give us that leverage. We control the source and quality and offer flexible packaging to bring you closer to any market, kitchens, and tables worldwide. We source for the best and will guarantee 100% freshness and authenticity on all products, including coffee, tea, oils, vinegars, spices and salts, seasonings, chocolates, and elegant gift sets.
National Brand Equivalent store brand products are available in multiple item categories. Urban Gourmet has direct selling relationships with top domestic retailers, consistently achieving a high service level. We have a design and Quality Assurance Team to handle YOUR PRIVATE LABEL, consistently achieving high service levels.

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